Servo Screen printing machine( S-400ESL)

Servo Screen printing machine( S-400ESL)

Model No.︰S-400ESL

Brand Name︰LC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 7307 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

S-400ESL Servo cylinder screen printing machine//Structure


Fixture, Light sensor

Working table

Cylinder workbench/The elliptical cylinder workbench/Flat workbench


Up-down of screen plate

To be printed

  • Round diameter:100mm;
  • Cylindroid Height: 160mm;

Squeegee stroke

Adjust the Limited switch

Squeegee and screen plate control

 High precision liner guide rail

S-400ESL Servo screen printing machine//Usage and characters



  • Suitable for Round objects withour registering point
  • Overprint;


Plastics soft tubes, Bottles, containers, Bucket, Cosmetic case, any Cylinder-object, Oval-object.

S-400ESL Servo screen printing Machine //Parameters


Technical parameters

  • The max printing thickness: 200 MM;
  • Air consumption: 85 Lit/Min;
  • The max printing area : 200×250MM;
  • Dimension of working table: 250mm×300mm;
  • Max printing speed: 1300Pc/H;
  • Max frame dimension: 410×350mm;
  • Stroke of Squeegee: 250mm;
  • Stroke of Table cylinder: 100mm;
  • Max Diameter of Products: 75mm’
  • Max length of Products: 300mm

Works supply

  • 110V-220V Power supply;
  • 5-7Barcompress air;

Package parameters

  • Package dimension:990mm×830mm×1630mm
  • Gross weight: 249kg
  • CBM: 1.26





S-400ESL Servo cylinder  screen printing Machine//Advantage



  • Choose clamp-type Workbench can be inflatable, or may not be blowing, can be placed all types of round, oval-shaped substrates;
  • Contact with the substrate , Working table up and down, to facilitate the placement of the substrates and removed;
  • High Precision axis control. Working table up and down, smooth running, accuracy up to 0.07mm;
  • High Precision axis control movement. Screen printing pressure is uniform and reliable, the accuracy up to 0.07mm;
  • Self-balance scraper technology and back blade, to ensure uniformity of ink, ink formation;
  • Microcomputer control program operations, set up a variety of modes;
  • Four counts digital LED count, high degree of automation;
  • Printed Stroke mechanical adjustments, adjust the speed of integrated circuit digital.
  • Around the screen frame, up and down the emblem of the tune, overlay accuracy, tuning and quick

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