Cloth-label two colors pad printer ( PM2-100T/YQ)

Cloth-label two colors pad printer ( PM2-100T/YQ)

Model No.︰PM2-100T/YQ

Brand Name︰LC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 2691 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Two colors Cloth-label pad printer//Structure

Working table

Standard working table

Pad Shuttle stroke


Ink supply system

Closed -type system

Plate type and size

10mm Thick steel plate. 

Pad dropping control

Double -cylinder , Indenpendent pressing

Ink drying

Heat air

Two colors cloth-label pad printer//Usage and characters


  • Cloth above the two-color overprint, the use of rubber pad shuttle way instead of the table will be more precise way of shuttle;
  • The first color printing, the plastic head for the shuttle, the implementation of the second color printing, to prevent product dislocation caused by the move;
    The use of photoelectric switch for two-color printing position control, the printing error as low as 0.03mm;
  • Rubber pad independent under pressure, for a larger area of cloth standard two-color printing;
  • Ink for more environmentally friendly ink, more ink, solvent evaporation reduced by 86%, ink savings of 25%, more conducive to enterprises through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification;
  • Cast aluminum body as a whole, run more stable, more durable life;
  • The independent closed cup advancement mechanism, the scraping ink is cleaner, the security design, guarantees the operation process to be more humane, the scraping ink pressure guarantees the scraping clean under the situation to be smallest, maximizes enhances the steel plate and the oil cup life.

Application fields

Garment, Cloth, Label, Electrons, hardware, autos, toys, gifts, Plastics, household appliances, artwork, stationery, adornment, cosmetic, commodity, sport goods, decorative lightings, woodwork, office supplies, Photo Materials, Kitchen utensils, Hotel supplies, Computer, Mobile, etc., industrial field.

Two colors cloth-label pad printer //Parameter

Technical parameters


  • Max. plate size: 100×200 mm;
  • Max. worktable area: 125×400mm;
  • Cup diameter: Φ90mm;
  • Max. printing speed: 900pcs/h;
  • Printable color :2;
  • Max printing area: 85×85mm.
  • Pad Shuttle stroke: 125mm 

Works supply

  • 110V-220VPower supply;
  • 5-7Bar Compress air;

Package list

  • Package size :0.95×0.6×1.46M;
  • Gross 145KG;
  • CBM: 0.8322CBM





Two colors cloth label pad printer //Advantage



  • Standard table, three-dimensional position adjustment;

  • Photoelectric switch positioning device to ensure more accurate overprint;
  • Rubber pad shuttle device, to avoid the standard cloth shaking;
  • Rubber pad independent drop , suitable for printing a large area of cloth standard;

  • Microcomputer program control operation technology;

  • Streamlined design concept, a more lightweight appearance of the experience;

  • Full cast aluminum body, grass green paint spray;

  • Closed cup ink to provide ways to save ink and protect the environment;

  • Independent of the closed cup propulsion system, scraping ink cleaner, less scraping pressure;

Summary︰ There are two types of two-color shuttle pad printers: One is shuttle on the worktable. This kind of pad printer is more common. The worktable will move left and righth between the two printing positions to complete the overprint of the two colors. The other is a shuttle type pad printer with rubber heads. The product remains on the worktable while the two rubber heads shuttle left and right to achieve two-color overprinting.
The workbench shuttle type pad printer is more suitable for products that are three-dimensional and easy to be positioned with fixture, while the rubber pad shuttle type pad printer is more suitable for cloth or products that are not easy to position with fixture.

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