Pneumatic plain hot stamping mahcine

Pneumatic plain hot stamping mahcine

Model No.︰H-TC200

Brand Name︰LC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1779 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

H-TC200 Pneumatic hot stamping Machine//Structure

Working table

High strength Steel plate , size:200*250mm.

Stamping Head drive

Pneumatic drive

Foil collecting method

Motor-drive , Collecting time adjustable

Press adjustment

Up-down of working table

Temperature control

Heating tube heat up,Automatically temperature controlling, temperature free setting

Foil collecting

Motor drive, Automatically collecting

Stamping plate size


H-TC200 Pneumatic hot stamping machine //Usage and characters


  • Gilding - paper, leather, wood, plastic,
  • Baked - wood products, baked painting, gift box packaging;
  • Embossing - paper, leather, cloth.
  • Flat-object stamping machine with large-pressure, Suitable for stamping on invitation letter, card. Leather, wooden gift, Paper package, Plastics film, Electron products;
  • Manual. Automatic feed foil, automatic temperature controlling ensures stamping quality.
  • Because of large pressure, It is suitable for gilding and baking Impression on leather, paper, wooden materials.
  • Pneumatic drive, pressure large.

Application fields

  • Paper Gilding, Leather Impression, Wood ware Baking
  • Paper Concave-convex embossing, Cloth hot stamping,
  • Plastics Bronzing
  • Mobile screen, Household appliances Panel , Thick paper card, PVC board Etc. large dimension Flat substrate stamping and Bronzing.
  • Woodiness objects baking-burns and Impress;
  • Leather bronzing and Molding;
  • Paper products concavo indentation.
  • Graduated disc of clock bronzing.

H-TC200 Pneumatic hot stamping Machine //Parameter

Technical parameters

H-TC200 precision hot stamping Machine

  • Hot plate area:150× 200 mm
  • Working table area:200 ×250mm
  • Max printing pressure:2,000-3000 Kg
  • Up and down distance:45mm
  • Heat wattage:1600W
  • Foil in feed: Motor Drive
  • Temperature adjustment:0-300oC .

Works supply

  • 110V-220VPower supply;
  • 5-7Bar compress air

Package list

  • Outer : . 0.650×0.650×1.30m
  • Net weight: 172kg
  • Package size: . 0.770×0.820×1.550mm
  • Gross weight: 218kg
  • CBM: 1.0145





H-TC200 Pneumatic hot stamping machine //Advantage


  • Table can be pulled into and pulled out the pick and place of convenience products;
  • Table can be up and down, around, before and after the precision adjustment, to facilitate the adjustment of the precise location of the gilt;
  • Table lifting screw adjustment, simple and convenient;
  • Relays for process control, stable operation, easy maintenance;
  • The use of advanced temperature control system, the temperature can be set freely, high precision temperature control, with automatic temperature control;
  • leveraged cylinder pressure, the pressure is uniform and strong;
  • The basic parameters of the hot stamping process; temperature, pressure, hot pressure, the rolls of time in accordance with the process requirements of the flexible adjustment;
  •  Motor to control the delivery of the gold foil paper, resin length can be flexibly adjusted according to the size of the stamping area;
  • Using high strength steel, gilt plate and table, has a very high flatness;
  • Heating tube for heating, heat supply is stable, easy to replace

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