Pad printer knowleage

1. What is a pad printer


     Pad printing machine is the machine, which uses an indirect printing process, it is very suitable for printing irregular surface of small products, make up for the lack of screen printing process, known as the screen printing twin sisters .

2 . The difference between the closed cup pad printer and open inkwell pad printer

   The open ink-tray pad printer uses the ink-tray as the ink supply way, the ink is exposed to the air, the VOC is easy to volatilize to cause the air pollution, the ink-tray pad printers sells mainly to China, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe and so on the environmental pollution request is not Too high a country;

    The closed cup pad printer uses the closed cup as the ink supply way, the ink is enclosed in the cup, the VOC can not volatilize to the air, does not have the pollution to the environment basically, the closed cup pad printers sells mainly to Western Europe, On the environment demanding countries and regions.

3. Shuttle pad printer and Turntable pad printer

    Shuttle pad printer is installed shuttle table printing machine, printing back and forth between the colors in the printing, shuttle printing machine can only print one product at a time, more accurate overprint, slower; and Turntable  pad printer is installed Rotary table of the printing machine, a 10-station, 16-station, 22-station in various forms. Turntable pad printing machine stations are required to install the same product for printing, faster, no printing shuttle printing machine accurate.

     The workbenches of the shuttle pad printer and the turntable pad printer were initially controlled by pneumatics, but the positioning of the pneumatic control is not accurate and the operation stability is not enough. Now more and more pad printers use servo motors to control the workbench, which greatly improves the position. precision.

4. Pad printing machine operating system

    The ordinary printing machine adopts the microcomputer control system to carry on the control, the high-end pad printing machine uses the PLC to carry on the control, specially the servo control system pad printing machine or the automatic pad printing machine, uses the PLC control system quite commonly.

5. Pad printing machine movement characteristics

    Most of the pad printing machine pneumatic control, slower, low cost. With the printing quality and printing speed of the user's high demand in recent years, the use of mechanical control of the pad printing machine more and more common. Pad printing machine automation is the most distinctive trend, the use of automatic feeding system, prepress processing device, servo drive system, automatic printing, drying machine as one of the mechanical and pneumatic motion perfect combination, greatly improving the productivity.

6. How to evaluate the quality of the pad printer

    Pad Printing machine technology content is low, more and more enterprises began to produce and sell pad printing machines, pad printing machines of uneven quality, how to evaluate the quality of pad printing machine is essential. As the majority of brand-name pad printing machine is not sold through the network, so, through Alibaba sales of pad printing machines are low-end pad printing machine.

1) Design of the factory means: a special design department of the enterprise quality is more reliable. China has 70% of the pad printing machine manufacturing enterprises and no special design department, the development of new products on-site assembly by the basic, which is extremely adverse to the standardization of production machinery;

2) Processing means: CNC processing costs are higher, but the parts manufactured high precision; visit the factory must inspect whether the factory has CNC machining capacity;

3) Materials Selection: Material selection is very important. Now fierce competition, the vast majority of domestic factories in the selection of the above efforts, only the brand enterprises are willing to insist on the selection criteria above;

Pad Printer

 Used to print small area and complex surface of industrial products. Pad Printer is consist of working table, pad combination, ink supply system, operation controlling system and machine body as well.


  • Structure

             (1) Working Table

      Install fixture and substrates. There are Four kinds of working table: base, shuttle, cylinder and conveyer. Base working table is one simple working table to install conveyer and shuttle. Shuttle working table and conveyer working table installed on multicolor pad printer. One product to be installed and printed on shuttle pad printer and more products to be installed and printed on conveyer pad printer, but shuttle pad printer printing precision is higher the conveyer pad printer, cylinder working table is suitable for printing round objects.

    (2)Pad Combination

        Install pad to pick up ink from pad plate and transfer onto the substrates. The pression of pad adjusted by the slide switching beside pad printer. When starting pad printer, pad combination will move from plate above to substrate above. Most of pad combination press down controlled by one cylinder jar, in order to print small area on big dimension objects, Independent press by diffrent cylinder jar will reach the result, this is independent-press muti-colour pad printer

      (3)Ink Supply System

       There are two kinds of ink supply: one is opened ink tray, the other is sealed cupInk and thinner covered in sealed cup to provide and avoid harmful solvent volatilization to protect environment clean, meantime ink saved because of small volatilization. In order to improve printing quality, installing Pad-cleaning tape device with ink supply system. when the rubber pad move back after printing and print on the adhering tape, The printing Quality will be improved obviously.

   (4)Operation Controlling System

         Most of pad printer controlled by micro-computer built in to make machine stability and easy to operate. When testing, only press simple action key and when starting automatic key to begin printing will be helpful to operate pad printer.

  •  Main Factors

        (1)Pad Plate

       Three kinds of pad plate used by pad printer: thick steel plate ( Open inktray pad printer and closed cup pad printer), thin steel plate( Sealed cup pad printer), nylon resin plate(Open inktray pad printer and closed cup pad printer).

       (2) Pad Ink

       Choosing solvent screen ink, UV pad ink and solvent pad ink according to products substrates and having a test before printing. KC Printing machine limited can provide Marabu , LOGO, ALPHA, KC pad printing ink.

       (3)Rubber Pad

        Ink picked up from plate and printed by soft rubber pad. Choosing pad according to substrates and printing precision, more harder pad to get more precision printing quality.


        It is important to make fixture according to products. Regular products need the fixture made by lathe or CNC. Complex products need the fixture made by polyester resin-Putty.

  • Types

        1. Manual controlling(404M) , Electron controllingCompression air controlling pad printer (P2-408C/410c/412C, PM2-100T/150T/200T) to be sorted according to action supply. Most of pad printer in china market is controlled by compression air.

        2. Sealed cup pad printer( SP2-41010C/41210C, SPM2-150/10T, 200/10T), opened ink tray pad printer (SP4-40616/40816, SPM4-150/16, SPM4-200/16) to be sorted according to different ink supply system. Sealed cup pad printer have more excellence than opened ink tray pad printer such as ink viscidity, ink dosage and clean environment.

        3. One colour( P1-408/410/412, PM1-100/150/200), two colours(P2-606/608/610) , four colours(SP4-408/410, SPM4-150/200), six colours pad printer (SP6-40618/40818, SPM6-150/18, SPM6-200/18) to be sorted according to max printing colour numbers. One colour pad printer print one colour one time; two colours pad printer print two colours in one products one order to improve multicolor pad printer purpose, one colour to be printed one time is ok too.

       4. Shuttle working table pad printer (SP4-406/408, SPM4-150/200) and conveyer working table pad printer (SP4-40616/40816, SPM4-150/16, SPM4-200/16)to be sorted according to different working table installed. Shuttle working table pad printer install one product to print and get multicolor. Printing more precision than conveyer pad printer. Conveyer pad printer install 10-20 products to print and get more higher production than shuttle pad printer.

       5. Flat pad printer and cylinder pad printer (P1-604S) to be sorted according to products can be printed. Cylinder pad printer updated on one colour pad printer. When its pad press down on the product and keep contact state for some time, shuttle working installed move and make cylinder product move round. Cylinder pad printer can print some simple round products such as handle, golf