Marabu Pad printing ink

            Although screen printing ink is able to be used by the pad printer. Appropriative pad ink is recommended by the pad printing expert because of steady surface tension and nice ink transfer result. There are three kinds of pad inks in Chinese pad printing market.

       This glossy pad printing ink is distinguished by particularly high resistance. Being an one-component ink, it is very quick-drying and easy to be processed. To raise surface stability or other stabilities, hardener can be added. This pad printing ink can be widely used. On rigid PVC, polystyrene, ABS, acrylic glass, polyester, thermosetting plastics and varnished surfaces. Because of its high resistance, it can also be utilized for products subject to high mechanical stress, the effects of hand perspiration or cleaning agents, such as control knobs, camera housings etc. Under certain circumstances, this ink is also suitable for poly-acetal materials.
          High-gloss, quick-curing two-component ink for high-demand adhesion, scratch resistance, mechanical and chemical resistance. By using a matte paste, the degree of gloss can be varied. Materials that are difficult to print on, such as pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene, thermosetting plastics, metals and varnished surfaces, but also polyurethane, polyamide, melamine resins, powder-coated surfaces and suchlike are easily printed. It can also be used for polyacetal under certain circumstances.    
       Glossy, quick-drying pad printing ink with good resistance to many chemicals such as oils, greases, alcohol. Hardener can be added to further raise surface stability and other properties. Tampapol TPY is primarily used for printing on packaging made of pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene, ABS as well as rigid PVC. It is also widely used for thermosetting plastics, metals and varnished surfaces.