Tagless two colors pad printer


   The rubber pad shuttle type pad printing machine is to install a shuttle rubber head in the lateral direction of the plastic head, so that the rubber head performs the left and right shuttle movement after the ink is sucked, and completes the two-color to multi-color printing.

The characteristics of this pad printer are:

 The table does not perform a shuttle action, it is fixed so that the position remains stationary after the fabric is placed on the table.
Add a shuttle system to the rubber pad device. The pad first licks the ink above the ink tank, then moves to the top of the substrate to print the first color, and the rubber head moves to perform the second color printing.
 The position where the rubber head shuttles to perform the second color printing has photoelectric sensor recognition control, which determines the overprint position of the second color by controlling the first color to determine the relative position of the second color. This overprinting method avoids the disadvantage of using the jig or the uneven edges of the fabric to cause inaccurate overprinting.

Large format shuttle pad printing machine

The pad printing machine is suitable for printing small size products. However, in recent years, there has also been a trend toward large-size printing, especially those that are difficult to accomplish with other printing processes, such as spheres, tableware, sanitary fixtures, satellite dishes, etc.

     The most common type of large-sized pad printing machine is the shuttle type pad printing machine, and the color registration is relatively easy. Many users choose the pad printing machine after comparing the advantages of the screen printing machine and the pad printing machine.

   The P2-812DS is such a two-color shuttle pad printing machine. It uses a shuttle table with a shuttle stroke of 250mm. It is driven by a servo motor and its distance between the shuttles can be flexibly adjusted. It is especially suitable for the relative relationship between the two colors. The occasion of independent positional relationship.

   The P2-812DS uses two separate pad head control systems. The two pad printing heads do not affect each other, which gives the product a greater tolerance.

   The PLC control system is also the development direction of the printing machine manufacturing technology in recent years. It realizes the man-machine dialogue and determines the individualized printing parameters, which makes the pad printing machine further expanded in terms of wider adaptability to the products.



Large size for 500*800mm paper;

Super pressure, suitable for large area bronzing, die cutting and indentation, paste;

Double-foil receiving device, suitable for two-color hot stamping;

Upgraded operation panel for easier operation;

High strength steel plate for excellent stability.


Under normal circumstances, a bronzing machine will only install a set of hot stamping  foil feeding device and winding device, only hot stamping one color bronzing film, if you want to hot stamp another color bronzing film, you must use another  set hot stamping machine, some users may find the cost too high. To this end, we have developed a two-color hot stamping machine (H2-TC4060LPT), which adds a feeding and winding device to the original hot stamping machine, which can stamp two colors of bronzing film at one time. However, this bronzing machine can only be used if the two hot stamping patterns are far apart and parallel to each other.