Flame treatment machine

Flame treatment machine

Model No.︰F2

Brand Name︰LC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 2235 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

 Cylinder Flame treatment Machine//Usage and characters


  • Mainly used for pre-treatment of polyethylene and polypropylene plastic products;
  • The better ink adhesion is available after the pre-treatment;
  • Cylinder bottles made by PP PE fit.;
  • The normal use of the flame treatment Machine in addition to prepare compressed air, but also to prepare a combustible gas, the machine itself an excuse to set the compressed air and combustible gas.

Application fields

  • Electron, Hardware, Auto, Toys, Gifts, Plastics parts,
  • Plastics products, House appliances, work of art, Stationery, Ornament, cosmetic, sports apparatus .

LC-F2 Cylinder flame treatment Machine//Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Flame width:250mm;
  • Burning Gas:LPG gas;
  • Conveyor speed:0~10m/min;
  • Outline dimension:2000X450X850mm;
  • Conveyor size:2000X340mm;
  • Combustion gas:Compressed air 8kg/cm2 ;
  • Bottle mouth diameter: 25mm;
  • Distance between Support seat: 100mm;
  • Max Bottle diameter: 100mm.

Works supply

  • Power: 1 phase 220V;
  • 5-7bar compress air;
  • Combustible gas

Package list

  • Dimension: 2.330×0.650×1.100m;
  • Gross weight; 190KG;
  • 1.60CBM.





 Cylinder Flame treatment Machine//Advantage


  • Mainly used for the surface pretreatment of PE and PP plastic products;
  • Micro motor imported from Japan, stepless speed timing mode is adequate for different workpiece requirement;
  • The machine is two sides equipped with baffle-boards to improve the heat efficiency;
  • Advanced gushing nozzle is design generates a good combustion result, it is a product that saves energy;
  • According to the size of your product that is to be printed, replace the taper support to meet the different requirement of workpiece

Main configuration

  • Main Motor:zhejiang Motor/reducer;
  • Feeding Motor: Zhejiang Motor-31K15RGN-C/15W;
  • Contactor:Shanghai;
  • Relay : Shanghai;
  • Transport speeder :STS/AUS22-15W;
  • Cooling fan: SUNON/DP200A.

Accessories included

  • Operation instruction in English;

Cylinder flame treatment Machine//Technical support

Printing elements

To achieve the Machine capabilities, Please notice

  • Please test with pp bottles before normal production;
  • Please test PP PE bottles with Blue flame;
  • Please ask Master professional electrician to maintain and repair Flame treatment Machine;
  • Please record the transport speed, flame width, flame angle to get best treat parameter.

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